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The measures around COVID-19 but also considerations for CO2 reduction, environmental protection and sustainability requirements have shown the need for virtual, digital and hybrid events.

The value of personal interaction will never go away, but sometimes it is a necessary part of your event program to go virtual. But how do you turn a multi-day conference with networking opportunities, training sessions and the insights gained from the participants into virtual events? And how do you ensure that participants are engaged throughout the event?

Organizing and implementing a virtual event requires the same care and attention as a personal/analog event. At both events, you must effectively promote the event, involve your participants, create unforgettable moments for the participants, and demonstrate the success of the event. The only thing missing is the venue and the participants on site. However, if you think of virtual events not as small

onetime presentations, but as value-adding, engaging experiences, you can achieve an effective event that goes far beyond a computer screen.

Whether completely virtual or hybrid, we are the right partner for you – STEINERLIVE.COM

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