23.02.2024 - 23.02.2024, STEINERLIVE Studio VIenna


The channel's French team was looking for a high-quality TV studio for their weekly TV show INTERNATIONALES in Vienna.

TV5 Monde is a worldwide public TV channel, the French-language counterpart to 3sat.  

The reason for the production in Vienna was the interview guest: Rafael Grossi, Director General of the IAEA international atomic energy authority based in Vienna.

"Thanks to the Steinerlive.com teams. A very professional and enthusiasts team who were able to perfectly meet our needs during the shooting of our 52 minutes weekly show called "INTERNATIONALES" on TV5MONDE. The studio is very functional with its big screen which was perfect for broadcasting our illustrative photos. Beyond the technical aspect, we appreciated the welcome and sympathy of the entire team.
We hope to work with Steinerlive.com again for a future project!"

Jeremy Ozenne
TV Production manager, TV5MONDE

Click here for the outcome:

Header T V5 Monde

end screen